Ithe spring of 2001, a group of Black gay men of diverse professional and educational backgrounds met in the apartment of a Brooklyn activist where they engaged in the first of many informal discussions about the current state of research and scholarly work being produced by and about Black MSM.

The first formal planning meeting was held on September 22, 2001. The discussion centered on what is research and why the need for a Black gay research group. The members unanimously agreed that a research group should be formed and identified four objectives that would serve as the framework for the research group’s raison d’être. The objectives were as follows:

  • To sponsor a Research Summit that focuses on Black gay men.
  • To establish a research agenda that would evolve from the summit, which would examine life stages of Black gay men socially, spiritually, economically, and psychologically.
  • To publish a research report that serves as a compendium of research papers drawn from the summit presentations that is reflective of current research directions on Black gay life.
  • To create a sustainable research activity that continuously identifies, explores and promotes innovative program interventions within the Black gay community.

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