Our Services

Professional Fee Schedule

Fees for services rendered by the BGRG depend on a number of factors:

  • Type of service requested
  • Time frame of the service (shorter lead time is usually a higher rate)
  • Extent of the service requested
  • Expertise/background of individual BGRG members/consultants assigned to the task

All fees are on a sliding scale, subjected to change, and negotiated on a case by case basis with the following factors taken into consideration

  • The mission and purpose of the organization/entity requesting the service
  • The yearly operating budget of the organization/entity

Fee schedule guidelines

  • Minimal hourly rate for all services: $100/hour
  • Maximum hourly rate: Not specified based on above factors
  • General hourly rate range for most services: $100.00 - $250.00/hour
  • Flat fees: Available and negotiated on a case by case basis

BGRG Available Services

  • Literature searches
  • Grant writing services
  • Grant review services
  • Expert research consultative services
    • Statistical analysis and support services
    • Theory and ethnographic analysis consultative services.s
    • Research study planning, methodology, tool development, implementation and evaluations
  • Program evaluation services (Needs Assessments etc.)
  • Policy analysis, synthesis, creation, and recommendations
  • Capacity building related to all aspects of the lives of Black gay men
  • Organizational cultural assessments related to the lives of Black gay men
  • Technical assistance all aspects of the lives of Black gay men
  • Manual script services
    • Writing
    • Review (content, proof reading, etc...

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